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Travel agents are not obsolete!  Although much emphasis is put on the internet, many travelers still use travel agents.  And for good reasons:  Using a professional travel agent actually saves time, money and aggravation.  A travel agent is in constant training to keep up their destination knowledge, specials and associations.  By doing this an agent is able to counsel  you,  the client, to the best advantage.  Leisure travelers use agents to take advantage of this knowledge of destinations and pricing as well as to save time. Often times I have found pricing through our vendors to meet or exceed a client’s expectations.

Repeat usage of a leisure agent enables a relationship to build where an understanding of needs and preferences grows and is nourished.  Whether that preference is for a cruise line, a grandparent getaway or whether you need special pampering on a trip.  The more an agent knows about your tastes the better solutions they can provide for a rewarding vacation experience.

A travel agent also spends time building relationships with vendors.  This allows them access to varied options on the behalf of the traveler.  They know when special pricing is happening, they know when resorts will open and they know who to call if you have a problem.  Use us.  We train for your business daily.

Customer service is a primary consideration in our business.  You deserve courteous treatment in a stressful world. There are no planning fees to our clients.

Vacations are a chance for you and your companions to take a break from the everyday.  Holidays are a chance to have an experience that will enhance your life.  We can make that possible.

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